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Mid-Oh-Crap-It"s-Red-Flag-Raining Results
Mid-Oh-Crap-It's-Red-Flag-Raining Results
August 07 2011 01:24:06 PM
We know. Not the Podium C6R.
But, the best pic we could find to capture the defining tone of this year's Mid-Ohio.

Here's the race report.
But, here's the real story - The Championship Points.
4 races to the finish.

Do we really need to type-out the Corvette Racing battle cry - 'Never Give Up'?

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cars were back on track racing maybe 20-30 minutes after the race was called. i think they were imsa lites? the rain came down pretty hard though. every one knew it was coming at the end of the race, so i made sure i was by a pop up tent. wish i would have grabed a pick of the falken porsche, too busy shooting the vettes. as to PLM 2010. that was miserable. it had rained to 2 weeks straight. atlanta had been flooded already, so there was no where for water to go. and it rained for 3 straight hours. the track looked like waterfalls with rivers crossing it.
--- c5r363 from atlanta on 08.25.2011 at 4:32PM


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